20th May - 1st June 2024

Membership Options

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Fringe Friend 24: 2,400 CZK (approx 100 EUR)


Want free tickets? Want to get the best seat in the house? Then check out our membership scheme for 2024 with an exclusive list of amazing benefits for members.

Limited to 100, so don't miss out on your chance to be a part of the Fringe family! 



  • A free Fringe Pass which gives you free entry to 5 performances - worth 1,100 CZK (details on how to claim your pass will be sent after you purchase your membership)
  • Priority entry to Fringe shows - choose the best seats in the house
  • Discounts at selected Fringe eateries
  • Friend of the Fringe membership card

To become a Friend of the Fringe follow the link to GoOut here.


Want to go a step further? Check out the Best Friend and Fringe Angel options below.

Fringe Best Friend 24: 5,000 CZK (approx 200 EUR)


Best Friends also receive a free Fringe Pass (see 5 shows for free!) and exclusive priority access to shows (get the best seats in the house). Donations of 5,000 CZK (approx 200 EUR) have a huge impact on our budget and will help us to do thing such as:  

  • Pay our Graphic Designer who created the wonderful festival branding and design
  • or Print 20 posters so we can promote the festival around the city and get more bums on seats for the artists!
  • or Pay a Venue Technician for 2 days so they can run the lights and sound professionally for our performers 

To become a Best Friend please contact Fringe Director Steve Gove. 


Want to go a step further? Check out our Fringe Angel membership below.

Fringe Angel 24: 10,000 CZK+ (approx 400 EUR+)


Sponsorship can be financial or services in kind to the value of 10,000 CZK (approx 400 EUR) or more. 

Fringe Angels receive all of the above Best Friends benefits, and your donations enable us to cover significant costs such as: 

  • A donation of 10,000 CZK - Boost our online marketing costs so we can tell more people about our amazing shows and sell more tickets for our artists!
  • A donation of 15,000 CZK - Pay for a Fringe Venue for 3 days for up to 15 performances 
  • A donation of 20,000 CZK- Pay our Festival Production Manager who ensures the smooth running of all venues and coordinates our team of Venue Technicians
  • A donation of 25,000 CZK - Accommodate our Volunteer team for the Festival so they have a comfy place to sleep after their long shifts running the festival. 
  • A donation of 200,000 CZK- you would be our heroes for ever! 

To become a Fringe Angel get in touch with Fringe Director Steve Gove.


What do our supporters say? 

'One of the highlights of my year' - Mark Matthews, Fringe Angel

Now approaching his third year as a Fringe Angel, Mark generously supports the festival by hosting international members of the Fringe management team in his apartment 'Old Crooked Beams' which is perfectly situated in the heart of the Fringe zone. 

"I discovered the Fringe in 2004 and have not looked back since.  I have seen some incredibly memorable shows and met some amazing people in my 14 years as a Fringe devotee.  Prague fringe has an authenticity and a soul that's hard to match. All the performers are accessible and always up for a chat in the bar or late night party in many cases.
I'm delighted to be able to support the fringe and it really is one of my highlights of the year!"

'We believe in supporting theatre' - Katy and Charlie Bayless, Fringe Angels

Long-term supporters of the Fringe, Katy and Charlie Bayless are based in Oregon, USA, but make the annual pilgrimage to Europe to attend and support the Fringe every year. 

Their support has ranged over the years from sponsoring printing costs, to Friends of the Fringe membership. 

"We love the Prague Fringe Festival.   We are intrigued by live theatre performances.  The performers are putting themselves out there with these fantastic personal creations. We have seen music, mime, puppets, comedy and magic on the stages to our great delight.  We are animals when we go to the Fringe festival, doing our best to see all the performances we can.  

We believe in and enjoy the arts. We believe in supporting theatre. We consider the prices charged a bargain and donating for extra expenses is something we can do."