20th May - 1st June 2024

The official launch of our 21st festival season

Friday 27th May 2022… It’s a significant day here at Fringe HQ.



In an alternative reality, we’d be opening the 21st Prague Fringe today. But here in real life, as we continue to navigate the (many!) knock-on effects of the pandemic… we’re looking forward to celebrating our 21st milestone during our later-summer Fringe in September instead.

To keep the May Fringe tradition alive, we’re taking this opportunity to celebrate our very first festival 20 years ago, and the official launch of our 21st festival season! 

We’ve had a brand refresh to celebrate our temporary late-summer festival dates, and will gradually start to announce the incredible shows you can look forward to over the coming weeks. 

In the meantime, we’re taking a fond 20-year glance back in time to 2002 - the first ever Prague Fringe. 

Across 5 venues around the city, 15 theatre companies from Scotland, England, Australia, New Zealand and the USA shared their work with the people of Prague - at that time it was some of the only English-language theatre and entertainment available in the country! 

Prague Fringe Founder and Director Steve Gove says

"What an incredible 20 years it’s been… I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved in making Prague Fringe happen including the hundreds of artists/ volunteers/ members of public/ sponsors and friends - when we started we had no idea how Fringe would become such a world-wide phenomenon - long live the Fringe, long live Prague Fringe, here's to 20 more!" 

So look out for more memories popping up over the next week as we reminisce on that inaugural festival and the people and places that made it happen.