20th May - 1st June 2024

Fringe is for Families

created by Auburn Scallon |

We know that committing to an hour-long performance with little ones is risky business, read what we have for you!

When you close your eyes and picture a Fringe audience, who do you see? If all of those seats are filled exclusively with an over-eighteen crowd, it might look like one of our late-night shows, but it’s also just one side of a festival with entertainment for all ages.

The Family Fringe Event

We know that committing to an hour-long performance with little ones is risky business, which is why we created the Family Fringe event. This fun, free preview of shows for children and families offers a taster showcase of comedy, clowning, puppetry, storytelling, and more. Not sure which shows might interest your child? Watch their faces light up as these colourful performers hit the stage and you’ll know who they want to see more of.

This event, held at La Loca Music Bar & Lounge on Saturday, May 26th from 14:30-15:30 is completely free of charge and packed with fun.

Entertainment for Every Age

Busy parents rarely have time to scroll through an entire programme (which is why we created a Family-Friendly filter!). We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right shows for your youngsters. Read on for our recommendations from toddlers to teens:


For the Young Ones


An action-packed 60-minute circus show, full of zany antics as two brothers rush to tidy their room before mum comes in. Using high-energy acrobatics, audience participation and cheeky humour, families will love this wild comedy adventure.

The Little Fisherman

A fisherman catches a magical fish that can make wishes come true. But what would you wish for, and what if your wish was too big? An interactive play for children, based on a classic Grimm tale, with live music and an important environmental message.


SCOTLAAAAND! Let these three Lecoq-trained performers take you on a wild ride with rhythm, body percussion, singing, stomping, clowning and the spirit of Scotland! A brand-new physical comedy for everyone aged 7 - 70!

Experimental Entertainment

Don Quijote In The Storm

Don Quijote turns up in a migrant crowd, in the midst of today's environmental and climate changes. Laden down by his elaborate armour, this hero with a clown nose sets out to make justice in the world. Clown, mime, acting and live music, with original costumes made from recycled materials.


Year 2100. The last human orbits a desolate earth, losing hope. A multilingual physical theatre show combining movement, live sound effects, comedy and origami to explore space, conflict and the future of the human race. Will history repeat itself?

El Diablo of the Cards

Brazilian master card shark, Ewerton Martins has amazed audiences around the world with a unique card style that combines improvisation, clowning and amazing magic skills!

Shakespeare Onstage

Is the Bard a part of your teenager’s English curriculum? Watching these classic stories come to life onstage in innovative ways can help to connect schoolwork to the stage in the best possible way.


Can you help Hamlet answer life's great questions? After smashing the fourth wall with their award-winning Richard III, Brite Theater are back and pushing boundaries with a unique and innovative exploration of Shakespeare's most iconic text. Starring triple Prague Fringe Award-winning Emily Carding.

Comedy of Errors
Prepare to be bowled over by Shakespeare’s hilarious tale of twins, mistaken identity and love. This robustly physical circus and Commedia-inspired second Prague Fringe production from the Australian Shakespeare Company's Graduate Players will sweep you away!

Caliban’s Codex

Abandoned on the isle 'full of noises', Caliban reflects upon abuse and betrayal and gathers the charred remains of Prospero’s books, to conjure up a codex of enchantments, to create one last spell, to save the isle from the unkindness of mankind. World premiere starring triple Prague Fringe Award-winning Emily Carding. 

Student Tickets

Students* and children** can attend Prague Fringe performances for the reduced price of 120 Kč in advance / 150 Kč on the door.

*Holder must show valid student ID on entry or ticket holder will be asked to pay for a full price ticket

**Children under 3 are free of charge when sitting on a parent's lap, or buy a Student ticket if they need their own seat.